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About Us
BDCS, i.e. Baba Dudhnath Communication Services is a Delhi-NCR based firm. We are into Communication Service industry. Here for us, Communication is a tool for serving to ‘Masses’, to ‘Everyone’. Actually, we are not involved in the process of inventing new technologies of Communication; rather, we are working 24x7 to facilitate the best use of in-vogue Communication Tools for the benefit of Common Masses. We have launched two Mammoth Pan-India Projects, 'Jadoo Ka Number' & 'India's Magic Helpline' with the Punch Line as well as our USP ‘Everything to Everyone, Everywhere’ to serve our aforementioned methodology of serving our Clients. While, 'Jadoo Ka Number' is a big bunch of variety of Services, facilitating the best Use of your ‘Normal Environment’ for the sake of providing you ‘Products/Services/Information at the Lowest Possible Cost and with Minimum Possible Efforts, whereas, 'India's Magic Helpline' is a bunch of Services, which deals with Services, related to your ‘Dynamic Environment’. ‘I am Safe’, ‘Always with You’ and ‘Let’s Go’ are some examples of ‘India’s Magic Helpline.

Under 'Jadoo Ka Number' we are not only dealing with all the Personal and Commercial Data of our Clients, (whether, General, Business, Corporate etc.), but also Filling the Gap between 'The Availability of Products & Services in the Concerned Market and their Final Use by the Consumers/Customers /Clients' as well as ‘Bridging the Gap among Individuals. ‘Jadoo Ka Number’ Project has ‘Realty4U’,‘Career4U’ and ‘Humsafar4U’ and ‘4 U Series’ of Services under it.           

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